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Dear Amy – Helen Callaghan (2016)


Margot Lewis is a professor at St Hilda’s Academy in Cambridge. She is also the person behind the Dear Amy advice column in the local newspaper. One of her students disappears and the police think that she simply ran away but Margot has her doubts. Then, through the newspaper, she receives a letter from a girl called Bethan Avery. She was kidnapped two decades before but she was never found and now she is writing to Margot asking to free her from her kidnapper. She takes the letter to the police who at first laugh it off but when a second letter arrives, they reopen the investigation. And as Margot gets more involved in the case, she notices that someone is following her. I liked how the author explores the psychology of both the villain and his victim. Sometimes the suspense was so high to chill me. Compelling and captivating, I was so engrossed in the book that I missed my stop on the Tube. (NP)



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