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Lulu Meets God and Doubts Him (2007)

Mia McMurray is one of the gallery girls in the New York City art scene. From her post behind her desk at the Simon Pryce Gallery, she watches as the world goes by and as everyone realises their dreams but her, or so it seems. Mia is an aspiring painter and by taking this job she expected for her life to change. And it does, just not the way she expected. She is in the gallery for one of the new showings when the artist of the hour is suddenly killed by a taxi right outside the gallery. Soon the artist's works are an absolute necessity for any serious collector. And in the competitive art world, there are no rules. In a novel which sparkles with wit, humour, love and lust, Danielle Ganek masterfully explores the inner workings of the art world and what some people will do to be included in it. (SN)

The Summer We Read Gatsby (2010)

Cassie and Peck, two half-sisters, spent a summer years ago at their Aunt Lydia's cottage in Southampton reading The Great Gatsby. After their aunt passes away, the two sisters reunite for the summer at the cottage they have inherited. Cassie is the down-to-earth, recently divorced sister and Peck is the dramatic party-loving socialite sister. Their aunt has left instructions for the two sisters to seek a thing of the utmost value from within the house. The sisters debate whether the treasure is a Jackson Pollock painting or a dust jacket first-edition of The Great Gatsby. The sisters also find time to reunite with men from their past. This is a well-written novel with eccentric fun-loving characters. (AO)

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