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Watch Over Me (2011)

Eilidh runs away from her cheating husband and her failed fertility treatments, to her childhood home in the Scottish Highlands. As she tries to get her life back on track, she gets entangled with childhood friend, Jamie, now a single father, and his daughter Maisie. With both Eilidh and Jamie putting up barriers, circumstances and even ghosts keep trying to get them together. Can they help each other to get over their problems and start living their lives again? This impressive debut is a reflective and poignant story which tackles some difficult subjects - miscarriage, infertility and infidelity. Yet even though the topic can see gloomy the book doesn't feel dark. In fact written from the perspectives of both Eilidh, Jamie and Jamie's late mother you do get a real sense of hope and a feeling that you're going to get a happy ever after. (AB)

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