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Ms. Taken Identity (2009)

Mitch Samuel's life is falling apart: he forgot his girlfriend at the airport so she dumped him; his writing career is in a shambles after being rejected - again - and one particular student in his class is driving him insane with her callous behaviour. Feeling down and out, Mitch stumbles upon a newly released book by the Queen of all chick lit authors, Katherine Longwell. He decides on a whim to pick up the book and laugh at how stupid it is, compared to his scholarly manuscript. However, while scanning the book at a local Starbucks, Mitch encounters Katherine in person and she takes to Mitch immediately. When he sees an opportunity he goes for it so he tells Katherine that he has a cousin who is writing a chick lit novel that she would love to have critiqued by such a famous author. Katherine agrees to look at his "cousin's" manuscript. Now, Mitch has a new dilemma: He has no cousin/writer and he doesn't have a manuscript! Not knowing what to do, Mitch talks it over with his friend Bradley who suggests Mitch joins his sister Marie's dance class to get "into the minds of women". Mitch joins the class as Jason the pharmaceutical rep, expecting lots of spandex and flamboyant men, but what he finds is a genuinely nice group of people. But to complicate matters, Mitch begins to fall for Marie but can't tell her who he really is or why he really joined the dance class. As he learns more about the people in his class, his version of the chick lit book starts to take shape and he realises that the genre is not as dumb as he thought. This twist on chick lit is an absolutely hilarious, witty and charming story coming from a man's perspective. (AS)

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