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Remote Control (2007)

Judith McBride certainly did not anticipate how her life would end so abruptly. At 31, she is just leading an ordinary life working as a physical therapist and happily married to her one true love, Saul. But when her medical operation goes absurdly wrong, Judith ends up in heaven - in a brand-new environment with numerous rules. Still unable to get over her old life, she resorts to spying on Saul, and soon learns about her husband's involvement with another woman, who she deems as having ill intentions. Judith tries to interfere in their relationship, even at the expense of defying the laws of the spiritual world. Will she succeed? It's refreshing to see a light-hearted story based on a rather serious theme - the afterlife. The plot is not particularly heart-tugging but the message of letting go reverberates throughout the entire story, leaving one thinking about life, love and even probes deeper into the reader's stand on whether the character Judith made the right choice in the end. (XT)

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