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Happiness is a Four-Letter Word (2010)

This story focuses on four South African women living in Johannesburg. Nandi is about to marry her dream man Thomas, but her ex Chris has just returned to town - and Nandi desperately wants to see him so he can explain why he dumped her. Zaza, the trophy wife of a property developer, is scared her husband will find out about her affair and end her pampered existence. The only thing that could make Tumi's marriage happier would be being blessed with a child. But one day a stranger comes to her door with upsetting news about her husband. And for Princess, she spends her days fighting injustice and her nights waiting for her artist boyfriend Leo to come home. This book touches on the sorts of issues and emotions that will resonate with women, no matter where you live. Jele has won several awards for her debut novel, including Best First Book category (Africa region) in the 2011 Commonwealth Writers' Prize.

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