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Crushed - Layne Gray (2015)


Grace has been feeling guilty about neglecting her marriage. In an effort to reignite the spark with her husband, she decides to surprise him at the airport wearing nothing but lingerie under her coat. As it turns out, Grace is the one who is in for a surprise; she's not the only woman there to greet her husband. At her best friend's urging, Grace takes a time-out from her life in San Francisco and heads to Finedale, an exclusive spa in the Napa Valley for wives who have been wronged. At first, Grace takes comfort in the fact that she is surrounded by women who have been through the same challenges she is facing. But as she begins to rebuild her life, Grace realises that there is more to Finedale than meets the eye. The premise of this book was intriguing; unfortunately I found it hard to maintain my interest in the characters and their development. There were some funny bits and I'm sure many women can relate to Grace wanting to reinvent herself. However, I felt the storyline fell short and I wasn't invested in the outcome. (LB)

Rating 5/10


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