Craving Grace - Lisa Velthouse (2011)

Craving Grace takes readers on a journey into Lisa's life with her ups and downs, her triumphs and failures. At the age of 19, while walking down her dorm's corridor with a hot chocolate in hand, she decided to make a vow to God - to hold off kissing until she met the "perfect one", the one that God had chosen for her. Twenty years later, Lisa finds her faith is slipping. So Lisa turns to what many Christians do when they want to get back on track with God - she starts a fast, giving up her favourite indulgences of sweets and chocolate. But her beliefs are about to be tested even more when she's invited to her younger sister's wedding and the next morning, wakes up next to one of the groomsmen. What follows is Lisa's journey to find the grace in her life after one broken promise leads to a bitter heart. (PP)

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