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Outside In (2007)

Kate Keyes-Morgan has a starring role on TV show Generations and is about to face her worst acting nightmare - shooting a lingerie scene. Her husband and manager Hamilton ensures she retains her current stick figure through daily weigh-ins and a diet that consists of a few nibbles of egg whites and chicken. Then Hamilton leaves her for her demanding co-star, Sapphire Rose, who often shuts down the shoot for hours because she can't squeeze into her wardrobe (after all, how can you put on weight following a raw food diet of carrot and seed muffins, cheese and crackers and candy bars?). Hamilton's departure gives Kate her first opportunity to run her own life and career. She moves in with her wise-cracking make-up artist Paige and falls for Michael, who she thinks is a struggling writer but instead is Sapphire's long-suffering agent. This has lots of funny diva action and obnoxious lines from her horrible husband.

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