Confessions of a Paris Party Girl - Vicki Lesage (2013)

Vicki is an American twenty-something who after losing her job decides to pack her bags and move to Paris for an unforeseeable time. With the money she earns with her work as a freelance web designer, Vicki can afford a small apartment and is ready to throw herself into the Parisian night life (which of course includes lots of wine in all forms!). The reader is taken along on Vicki's Paris adventure, which consists of numerous hilarious situations, a large amount of complaining about France, but also her transformation from an American in Paris to a true Parisian who happens to be from America. Confessions of a Paris Party Girl is a collection of Vicki Lesage's stories of her time living in Paris, which started out as blog posts. I'm personally not a big fan of memoirs, but I really enjoyed reading about Vicki's experiences in France. The book felt more like I was chatting to a friend who was telling me all about her adventures in Paris; stories which made me both shake my head in amazement and laugh out loud. As the book progresses, you can really see Vicki grow as a person and experience how her initial plan of going to Paris for a few months turns into a stay that lasts for much longer. I am sure people who love to travel and/or read about other cities and cultures will really enjoy this because of its distinctive voice and entertaining stories. It's a fun, light and quick-paced memoir, and I already look forward to reading the sequel, Confessions of a Paris Potty Trainer. (JoH)

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