Confessions of a Fashionista - Angela Clarke (2013)

Beginning in an industrial rubbish bin with two women digging through detritus searching for an invaluable necklace, Angela Clarke, author of the Daily Mail column Confessions of a Fashionista, shares her often hilarious, quirky and astonishing stories of the truth behind working in the fashion industry. From cake-sniffing colleagues to pampered pooches, Angela's eyes are opened to the wacky and wonderful life of the fashionista. As she works her way into the inner circle she struggles to keep a grip on her finances, spend any time with her boyfriend, manage the egos of her clients and colleagues and not give into the dieting culture - 'starving the body of food starves the brain of oxygen'. Told with natural wit and humour, it is easy to forget at times that this is non-fiction. Although I felt some parts were a bit drawn out, generally this is a fun and entertaining read and I could see Angela Clarke turning her hand to fiction. (JC)

The anonymous writer behind the Daily Mail's column, Confessions of a Fashionista, has been revealed in time for the launch of her book Confessions of a Fashionista. The summary of Angela Clarke's book says: The incredibly popular Daily Mail column, Confessions of a Fashionista feeds its hungry readers snippets of a life in the glittering yet deranged world of fashion. Now its anonymous author reveals both her identity and the true story of her giddyingly glamorous time in the style industry, with insider gossip on the people who populate it. Propelled by a painful end to a relationship and determined to prove her ex wrong for breaking up with her, our fashionista lands a place on the Harrods Graduate Scheme. A complete outsider to the fashion world, she sets out on a wing and a pair of Guccis, and finds herself in a whirlwind of couture and craziness. Along the way she learns how to stay sane in a world where hairdressers have egos as big as their clients' bouffants, where dogs fly business class, and if you're eating carbs it can only be because you're pregnant. Confessions of a Fashionista is a book for anyone who's ever been an outsider, for anyone who's ever had a relationship end badly and thought they'd never find true love, and for anyone who thinks that cakes were made to be eaten, not sniffed. By turns hilarious, sad, thrilling, romantic and fun, it is the It book for fashionistas everywhere." Check out the promo trailer below:

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