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Envy (2010)

Rivalries get way out of hand for the five women of late-night TV show Girl Talk when they attend the Dome Awards. Especially when one of the presenters, Karen King, is anointed successor to retiring Good Morning Britain host Helen England. Karen, who has lost a lot of weight through the misery diet (her husband has traded her in for a younger model), finds herself on the outer as all the women strive for the plum job. Bitch of the set Julia Hill is gaining more enemies than plastic surgery procedures and there are more than a few people with grudges willing to bring her down. Former soapie actress Lesley Gold, who has a predilection for alcohol and one-night stands, has a score to settle with her Spitalfields successor. And with Faye Cole's war correspondent husband, Mike, away as usual, she has turned to an affair with co-host Cheryl West. Coleen Nolan has obviously drawn on her experiences on chat show Loose Women. After several disappointing novels set in the TV world from other insiders, this is that thoroughly entertaining and outrageous one we've all been waiting for. And the good news is the girls will be back in sequel Denial.

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