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The Fat Chance Guide to Dieting (2011)

This introduces us to the world of weight loss, friendship and calorie counting. The three main characters are Holly, Naomi and Kate who are all prepared to work hard to cut out the tasty carbs just in time for the Slimmer of the Year awards. They all have more on their mind than just their waistlines - Holly craves more than carbs when newly engaged she gets hot and bothered when her boss is near by. Kate gets a surprise on her doorstep and a secret comes out, and Naomi finds herself giving in to an unusual fetish. Will the group meet their fate on the scales having achieved their targets or will temptation prove too much? I love books about losing weight and friendship so this fab book filled me up nicely. (KD)

Wow! (2001)

Ruby Lake is a feature writer for Wow! celebrity magazine. She is well-versed in churning out gushing copy about stars' homes and romances (think 'curvaceous' for fat, and 'lavish' for ludicrous). And she's also attracted her own stalker, a man who spies on her outside her home and leaves her well-thought-out gifts. Her biggest story at the moment is the upcoming nuptials of a movie star and a supermodel - can the crack security team keep all the details under wraps until the magazine hits the news stands? With lots of juicy insider information about showbiz journalism (the author once worked for OK! magazine).

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