Chunneling Through Forty - Anne McAneny (2010)

With the big 4-0 staring her in the face, stay-at-home mum Susanna decides to do something monumental to mark the milestone. She makes a list of five things she's always wanted to do and sets out to accomplish each item one by one. Aerobics instructor? Check. Bartender? Sort of check. What she doesn't take into account are the people she meets along the way who are instrumental in helping her work towards her goals and the things she learns about herself and her life during the process. Is 40 really the end or is it sometimes the beginning? It's all in how you view it. Having gone through something similar, I can completely relate to what Susanna is feeling. Forty is basically the mid-point of life and an excellent time to examine where and how you want the next half of your life to go. I found myself chuckling at several points and agreeing with a lot of what Susanna was saying and feeling. Chunneling Through Forty is a good reminder to live life to the fullest, no matter what age you are. (LEK)

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