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Move Over Darling (2012)

Coralie has set up her Sweet Cleans business in the rural town of Penmorfa, Wales to get out of the rat race. When internationally renowned artist Gethin Jones wants to paint Coralie, her first instinct is to shy away from the limelight. But with the villagers of Penmorfa needing the money from the painting, and an attraction to Gethin that Coralie can't resist, she soon finds herself in New York City. But will either Coralie or Gethin realise their connection is strong enough for one of them to move over? Coralie is a likeable heroine and Gethin is (excuse the pun) painted beautifully as the sexy brooding artist. Along with Coralie and Gethin there is a good supporting cast, all with their own twists and turns. The backdrop of both Penmorfa and New York suit the story well and are described in such a way that you feel transported there. Whilst the novel starts off quite slowly, when the story does get going and the secrets start being revealed, I found myself unable to put the book down. This is nice light-hearted romance. (AB)

Turning the Tide (2010)

Harry Watling is struggling to keep her father's boatyard business afloat in the sleepy seaside town of Little Spitmarsh. When property developer Matthew Corrigan threatens to awaken the town by building a fancy restaurant and housing complex, Harry is almost the only dissenting voice. Fearful of change and the holiday lets and yuppie clientele it would bring; Harry tries to resist what Matthew has to offer. Will Harry be able to change the minds of the colourful locals who are welcoming Matthew with open arms, or will she too join in the turning tide of Little Spitmarsh? A charming, well written romantic novel that paints such a good picture of Little Spitmarsh that you can almost smell the sea air. Be prepared for Harry as she's not your average chick lit heroine. She's rough around the edges, feisty and dressed almost permanently in dungarees. (AB)

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