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Getting Even with Fran (2010)

It's been 30 years since these seven women left school - surely they can get along now. Lawyer Cecilia, whose husband has just revealed a shocking secret, is heading to the reunion to settle an old score with her nemesis, Fran. Kerry wants to lose her fat girl tag for good while her former best friend Nellie is facing a cancer scare. Bad girl Sharon is still feeling guilty - this time about putting her ailing mother into a home - but is ready to stare down do-gooder Anne, who has retained her saintly status by marrying a doctor and raising seven children. Then there's Barb, who doesn't want anyone to know that her life hasn't exactly turned out how she planned. This masterful character development sets the scene beautifully but perhaps like a real-life school reunion, when the women finally get together, the moment fails to live up to expectations.

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