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The Best Way You Know How (2005)

At the age of 25, Hannah Crowe decides to move from Canada to England - in part to improve herself and find a man to marry. But soon, she realises that her increasing inclination towards the communal life in bars and a fervent hunger for sensual pleasures is more than what it seems - it actually liberates her from loneliness. Then Daniel appears - it isn't love at first sight, it is more of a mutual connection between two lonely beings. "Love isn't something you can reason, but something inchoate, indescribable." Hannah finds herself loving Daniel more, even willing to embrace the coming changes in their relationship when they get married. As the couple's infrequent marital relations leave her feeling lonely and deprived, Hannah's incessant thirst starts to overwhelm her. A gloomy, intense yet honest story about love, responsibility, betrayal and loneliness, it goes deeper to explore the raw relationship between Hannah and Daniel - how a simple marriage is more than what it appears on the surface. (XT)

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