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Shelf Life (2013)

Shelf Life picks up the story of publicist Kate Mitchell where the first book, The Publicist, left off. When one of Kate's big authors is suddenly hauled away in handcuffs right before his book launch, the workings of the publishing house slowly begin to implode, taking Kate and her married lover, the company's editor, MacDermott Ellis, with it. Wondering what's next for her career and her relationship with Mac, Kate heads to California to sort things out, staying at the home of her friend, Nate, who also happens to be in love with Kate. But he is willing to give her the space and time she needs to get her life back together. After some soul searching, and an ace of a book up her sleeve, Kate decides to start her own publishing company and with the love and support of Nate, transitions from publicist to publisher in record time. However, when Mac comes back into the picture with some news of his own, Kate begins to wonder if she can truly be happy with Nate if she's still in love with Mac. It has been some time since I read The Publicist but it didn't take long to slip back into Kate and Mac's story. This book moves along more quickly and fluidly than the first book and would have no problem standing on its own. However, the back story that The Publicist provides is helpful. Shelf Life is an enjoyable read that wraps up Kate and Mac's story very nicely. (LEK)

The Publicist (2012)

Kate Mitchell has a thankless job. As a publicist for a large publishing company in New York, she is the one responsible for getting the word out about the books and authors represented by her firm. She is also the one who has to talk a distraught author off a ledge (literally) or break the news to a long-term client that they are being dropped due to poor sales or non-interest in their book. Things get even more complicated for Kate when she becomes involved with the rock star editor of the company, very handsome, very charming and very married, Mac. Is it possible for Kate to change the old-boys network of publishing at the same time she is trying to write her own happy ending? The Publicist goes in-depth into the world of publishing and the work of a publicist with well-developed characters and a realistic story line. The only disappointing aspect of the book is that we have to wait for the next instalment to find out how things will all shake out for Kate. Stay tuned... (LEK)

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