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The Life List (2012)

At 28, Chrissy Anderson has a seemingly perfect life. She has a successful career, is married to her high school sweetheart and is living the life her 16-year-old self always dreamed of. But her life quickly unravels when she spends the night with Leo, a sexy younger man. She promises herself that Leo was a one-night mistake, however, she can't stay away from him. Her feelings for Leo force her to re-examine her life and she quickly realises that her past dreams might not be compatible with her current dreams. With the help of her therapist and her three childhood friends, Chrissy struggles to correct her mistakes and move forward with the man she is meant to be with. Based on the author's real-life experience, this novel is an incredibly well-written debut. The reader will cheer on Chrissy and fall in love with both her flaws and strengths. (AO)

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