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Chloe's Rescue Mission - Rosie Dean (2015)


Chloe Steele is on a mission to save her grandfather's legacy, The Joshue Steele Theatre. The theatre has definitely seen its better days and the family will need a lot of money to pay off their debts and bring the theatre back to its former glory. When businessman Duncan Thorsen meets Chloe, he immediately sees something in her and is willing to give her a chance and help her with her mission. Chloe is over the moon, but when sparks start to fly between her and Duncan, and the bank suddenly decides to call in the debts, will she be able to focus on what is important and save her grandfather's theatre? This book is a thoroughly enjoyable, quick-paced read which managed to grab my attention from the start. One of the absolute strengths of this novel is the simply lovely group of characters. Chloe is bubbly, determined and easy to like and I was really hoping she would eventually be able to save her grandfather's theatre. The book is filled with numerous other great characters, such as Chloe's mum and sister and of course the handsome male lead, Duncan. The romantic spark between him and Chloe is definitely there, and I really enjoyed the fact that the book includes both an enjoyable romantic storyline and a more serious one, focusing on Chloe's mission. Rosie Dean's writing style flows really well and fits the romantic comedy style of this novel perfectly. Overall, this is a fun, warm feel-good read which comes highly recommend to any chick lit fan! (JoH)



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