Chihuahua Karma - Debby Rice (2011)

Cherry Paget has perfect bosoms, hair better than Barbie and lives in a palatial apartment with her gangster husband Larry. But Cherry traded the love of her ex-boyfriend Richard for her husband's black Amex and in return Larry traded 33-year-old Cherry for a much younger, more glamorous girlfriend, Charmaine. After swallowing a handful of Vicoden with a bottle of wine for breakfast, she falls from the 40th floor of the building. Cherry survives the plunge but finds herself trapped in the body of a chihuahua named Sugar who lives at the Lucky Dream dry cleaners. As Sugar, she re-enters Larry's flat and become his girlfriend's purse-buddy and also makes friends with Don Paco Fernandez, a temperamental ghost. When she once again bumps into her old flame Richard, she realises that she still loves him. The best part of the story is what fate has in store for Cherry at the Christmas party. (SS)

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