Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang - Chelsea Handler (2010)

Wild, crazy and vulgar. Those are a few of the words that come to mind when reading this memoir. Chelsea Handler, host of the talk show Chelsea Lately, speaks her mind candidly in this sometimes entertaining, sometimes disgusting memoir. Covering topics that some people would find taboo, Chelsea is able to discuss them with no holds barred. She divulges everything about her childhood and even some interesting titbits about her adult life. Even though some of the beginning chapters were supposed to be an eight-year-old Chelsea conversing with her parents, it obviously comes off as an adult writing a book about her past and filling in conversations with things she would have liked to say to her parents as a child. Unless she was a total smart ass from day one (which probably wouldn't be surprising) it's highly unlikely she spoke down to her parents the way it's written. Reading this book may make you laugh or it may make you wince with repulsion but either way there's no mistaking Chelsea's irreverent wit. If you're a fan of Chelsea then you'll love this memoir (her third after My Horizontal Life and Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea) and if you're not then most likely you won't even get past chapter one. (AS)

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