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Check Your Privilege - Ella Vincent (2014)


Thirty-something Nancy Shufflebottom used to be happily married to Adam, but after he announces he prefers men and moves in with his boyfriend Stephen, Nancy finds herself alone again. As a hard-working paediatric nurse and a single mum to her two kids Matilda and Felix, Nancy finds it difficult to make ends meet. However, she knows she has to make the best of it and with the support of her best friend Alice, she knows it's time to get back out there and start dating again. Yet, the world of dating is a tricky place and soon Nancy finds herself wondering whether it's worth the hassle, while also trying to juggle taking care of the kids, her job, her group of demanding friends, and her ex-husband's wishes. After having read Check Your Privilege, I have to agree with what is mentioned in the description of the novel: a heart-warming London rom-com tale. Nancy is incredibly likeable; her children were cute and funny, and I also really liked Alice, Nancy's best friend, and Jonny, the aspiring musician Nancy meets on a night out. Most of the characters had their own part in the storyline and this made the story even more interesting and fun to read. Due to the topics the novel deals with, mainly the life of a thirty-something single mother, I am sure many readers will be able to relate to the characters and the story. I do have to say I think the book could have a more catchy title and better book cover, since this would definitely benefit the wonderful story inside. Overall, Check Your Privilege is a real, fun, warm chick lit read; if you're looking for a new romantic comedy to pick up, this is definitely one to consider. (JoH)

Rating 7/10


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