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Love Struck (2010)

This takes a classic chick lit story and twists it into its own unpredictable saga of love, betrayal, forgiveness, self-discovery, respect and growth. I was hooked after page one. Poppy Ross seems to have it all; the perfect marriage, the perfect job; the perfect life. She and her husband, Parker, are both very successful in business. They live in a fabulous home and share a relaxing lifestyle without being weighed down by kids or pets. Their only real sin may be that they both work too much. Overall, they are in love and couldn't be happier ... until one day at the nail salon, Poppy overhears a few women next to her gossiping about their friend, Sienna, who's been having an affair with a married man. Poppy learns the cheater's name is none other than Parker Ross! Poppy is sure her life is over but before she has a chance to confront Parker, he is involved in a major accident, getting struck by lightning while walking arm-in-arm with his mistress. Poppy immediately runs to be by Parker's side at the hospital and soon realises that he has no recollection of the past few months, including his sordid affair. Terrified of confronting Parker about the affair now, not wanting to plant the idea of straying into his mind, Poppy decides instead to undergo a major makeover, transforming herself into the other woman, in theory giving Parker what she thinks he wants without ever having to leave home. As you might imagine, Poppy's plan is wrought with strange slip-ups, silly screw-ups and side-splitting surprises. Ultimately, Poppy finds that maybe perfect wasn't really so perfect after all. Love Struck has a little something for everyone, taking readers on a roller-coaster of emotions right up until the end. For all that was funny and light about this book, it also had a more serious, thought-provoking level to it, broaching on the topics of intimate relationships, how we project ourselves to others and how so much can change in a flash - quite literally. (CH)

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