Champagne and Lemon Drops - Jean Oram (2013)

Beth Wilkinson, a twenty-something recreational therapist, has a few simple dreams. 1) Marry her lovely fiance, Oz, and 2) Raise a family in their small mountain town, Blueberry Springs. Her dreams come crashing down when Oz announces that he doesn't know who he is, and urges Beth to move on and find someone who can give her what she wants. Enter Nash Leham, a handsome city doctor who sweeps Beth off her feet. With a new man on the scene, Beth starts to question her dreams, and wonders if her life could take another path. This fun, quick read will keep you guessing who Beth will end up with. Although I enjoyed the book overall, I think the transitions from one scene to the next were sometimes sketchy. I often didn't know what was going on for a page or two, and wondered if I was missing details. (CK)

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