Celebrities for Breakfast, by Shelley Stout, is the story of a mother who is tired of the hustle and bustle of big city living so she and her teenage daughter embark on a new adventure together. Will the grass be greener on the other side? The summary says: "Personal shopper to the stars Judith Collington refuses to spend one more day in LA, answering the whiney demands of her Hollywood clientele. To escape, Judith and her seventh-grader, Shannon, give up their lucrative lifestyle to run a bed-and-breakfast in central Illinois. Judith prepares to purchase the property, until it changes hands in a poker game. New owner: Hollywood actor and part-time egomaniac Ren Spencer. Judith installs Ren into the nearest guest room, where he insists on heated towels and meals on a tray. She would love to hate him, except he's pathetic in an endearing sort of way. Oh, and did I mention he's about to become engaged? If you really want the latest, just read Shannon's private computer journal. Her bedroom wall is plastered with posters of her all-time favourite star but Shannon couldn't care less if Ren Spencer's a has-been at 35. He's so hot, she can't stop writing love stories about him. So what if Ren drinks too much and has to sober up in jail? And why can't Shannon just have a normal mother like everybody else?" (CF)

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