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Results Not Typical (2011)

Slimmit International Global Incorporated are famous for their slogans "Where You're Fat and We Know It!" and "Where the Fat IS Your Fault!" They claim to have slimmed five million people with their weight loss system and believe that they're making the world a more attractive place one fatty at a time. But when someone steals their revolutionary weight loss product, Lipid Loser, the real secret behind their success threatens to be exposed. With all the key company staff members involved, the race is on to retrieve the Lipid Loser and save Slimmit from total disaster. If their secrets get out, their competitors will put them out of business. If the government finds out, they'll all go to jail. And if their clients find out? Well, as Slimmit's Slimming Specialists know all too well, there's only one thing worse than a hungry, sugar-crazed, carb addict - an angry one. Will the secret behind Slimmit's success survive the day, or will their long-suffering slimmers finally discover the truth? When I read the blurb for Results Not Typical, I was slightly concerned that the corporate element of the book was going to alienate me as a reader and that I'd find it hard to get into the story because of that - but as soon as I started reading, I gobbled the book up (no pun intended). It's a delightfully satirical tale, with a fresh perspective on the well-established theme of weight loss, and a quirky writing style. Just like its title, this book is anything but typical and if you want to take a chance on something completely different, this is the story to choose. (SBB)

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