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Catch.Net - Rita Delude (2018)


Janice has been burned a few times and feels that everything she touches turns to ruin as she blames herself for all the tragedy in her life. Her best friend, Wanda, helps her set up a profile on a dating site called Catch.Net as she wants her friend to be happy. During Janice's dating adventures, she meets some duds and some nice guys, some stalkers and some snobs and then Mr Perfect - Ron. He is hardworking yet has a sensitive side which makes him the perfect gentleman.
Catch.Net isn't your usual online dating romance because it also touches on some edgy and dark topics, especially those surrounding suicide and death. The title caught my attention as I have a thing for books about social networking sites and online dating and the cover with the coffee cup is adorable, making for a warm and welcoming story. I read this book in one sitting, and if you are looking for a quick read, then Catch.Net blends the perfect mix of happiness and sadness for readers. (PP)



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