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Lost and Found (2006)

Seven teams have come together to play a new reality TV game, Lost and Found, which is strikingly similar to The Amazing Race, where they have to fly to different cities in search of clues and find the objects so as to stay in the game. The contestants include Laura and Cassie, who are trying to improve their estranged mother-daughter relationship after Cassie's pregnancy. Carl and Jeff are divorced brothers, one serious and the other more of a goofball, and each has joined the game for different reasons. Justin and Abby, a married couple, are both trying to convince themselves of their newly found sexual identity. And for Juliet and Dallas, both child stars, they are getting in the game for more media exposure. It's a refreshing read, very different from what I usually read, as it explores how these different characters interact and deal with their own personal problems. (XT)

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