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What Came First (2011)

Laura, a hard-working attorney, is a single mother. She is desperate for a sibling for her eight-year-old son, Ian. Wendy and her husband struggled for years to conceive a child. After numerous failed fertility treatments, they finally have twins. But now Wendy is unhappy in a dull marriage with two hellion children. Vanessa lives with her long-time boyfriend Eric. All she wants is a ring and a family, however, Eric has no interest in marriage or children. When Laura starts a search for the sperm donor of her son, these women find their lives woven together. The author wrote a brilliant original story about infertility and the strong desire of women to become mothers. (AO)

Just Like Me, Only Better (2010)

Veronica's marriage is over - her husband Hank has moved in with a glossy realtor and they share custody of young son Ben. But for this struggling substitute teacher, life is about to take a more glamorous turn. Constantly mistaken for TV actress-slash-singer Haley Rush, Veronica meets up with Haley's manager Jay and scores a well-paying gig as her double. She gets hair extensions, an LA tan, access to Haley's wardrobe and a driver service - and in return she stands in for Haley - who often goes off the rails - signing autographs, walking the red carpet and getting papped with Haley's castmate and ex, Brady. As Veronica juggles being a single mum living in someone else's guesthouse with playing the fame game while keeping her identity under wraps, it seems she's finding slipping into Haley's life far too alluring - particularly that hunky Brady. Winning extra points for its ingenious scenario, this is easy-reading chick lit that will suit those who pore over celebrity magazines - or those who scorn them.

Here Today, Gone to Maui (2009)

Jane Shea has obsessed over planning every detail of her Hawaiian vacation. However, her schedule did not include her boyfriend Jimmy never returning from his scuba dive trip. When the police call Jane the next day, she is convinced that she will be identifying his dead body. She is shocked and confused to meet flighty Tiara, who has also reported her boyfriend missing. Ironically, Tiara's boyfriend is also named Jimmy. Coincidence turns to outrage when Jane learns that Tiara's boyfriend is also her Jimmy. The police finally find Jimmy, only for Jane to realise that it isn't really Jimmy, but rather Michael James, the man whose identity Jimmy stole. Soon Jane, Tiara and Michael find themselves in a media frenzy as they try to find out what really happened to Jimmy. This is a hysterical novel about a trip that goes from bad to horrible. (AO)

Getting Warmer (2007)

After ending a four-year relationship with her Harvard graduate boyfriend Ron, and losing both her job and apartment, Natalie Quackenbush finds herself with no choice other than to move into her parents' home in Arizona; and paying for her piling debts through teaching English at a local high school. To compensate for her dull life, she and friend Jill often lie about their own identities by making up a series of incredible stories whenever guys try to pick them up at bars. However, when Natalie falls in love with an incredibly attractive guy, she finds herself spinning more lies about herself - teaching at a prison and living with her mentally insane mum. It turns out that this guy, Jonathan, is in fact falling in love with her. Will Natalie be able to tell him the truth or will she be trapped in her own lies? (XT)

Been There, Done That (2006)

Kathy Hopkins, a 32-year-old journalist, is blessed or cursed, depending on the situation, to look like a teenager. Her current assignment is to go undercover as a freshman at a local college and investigate rumours of a prostitution ring. To complicate matters, she will be working with her ex-boyfriend Tim, a fellow journalist, who she never quite got over. Pretending to be 18 is harder the second time around, with crazy parties that go on way past her bedtime, a roommate that has transformed their dorm room into a Clay Aiken shrine and a hot resident adviser who resembles a young Tom Cruise. This is a fantastic funny novel about being able to get a second chance at youth and what you would do differently. (AO)

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