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Cards from Khloe's Flower Shop - Isabella Louise Anderson (2017)


This story follows the lives of several women as they find their way back to love - all connected by a flower shop. The shop's owner, Khloe, thought she had met the one, only to have him cheat on her. Can Khloe let sports/entertainment attorney Derek Thomas into her heart or will she find herself retreating when she discovers he is keeping secrets from her? Gabby's husband has passed away, and her friends at Scrabble have been telling her to get into internet dating. What happens when she takes the leap and meets a lovely widower named Harry? Can she allow herself to move forward with Harry without feeling guilty about her late husband? Connie has always felt like the Ugly Stepsister of the Cinderella tale and so to make herself feel better she has made up a boyfriend called Walt Goldman. What will happen though when she starts to fall for a real guy called Walt Goldman, and her fantasy/reality lives crash head-on? Will her fantasy cause her to lose what she has in real life or will her real-life Walt Goldman be forgiving so she gets her fairytale ending after all?
Cards from Khloe's Flower Shop was a sweet romance read about finding love and happiness and overcoming loss and grief - showing that sometimes love will find you when you least expect it. (PP)



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