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With a Little Luck (2011)

Beryl "Berry" Lambert is extremely superstitious. She won't walk under a ladder and keeps a four-leaf clover in her wallet. She doesn't believe in luck however, subscribing to the theory that everything happens for a reason. As a radio DJ, Berry often gets the chance to voice her opinions on certain things and get varied responses. Sometimes, she makes the mistake of speaking too freely about her love life - or lack of it - forgetting that there are a lot of people listening and judging her. But Berry doesn't care. She's had two bad relationships in a row so as a firm believer that everything comes in threes, Berry is prepared to meet her third Mr Wrong. So when she meets DJ Ryan Riley she knows it can't work. Yes, he's funny and sweet, not to mention good looking too, but the relationship is bound to fail. That's just the way her luck goes. But after years of playing by the rules of superstition, it might be good for Berry to roll her dice and hope for the best because unless she takes a chance, she'll never know what could have been. Will she finally risk it all on Ryan? This is an enjoyable romantic comedy, with Berry as a witty and completely captivating character. (AS)

Family Affair (2009)

High school sweethearts Layla and Brett Foster have been happily married for six years but something's wrong. Brett is beginning to feel Layla is more like a sister than a wife. And Layla starts to spend more and more of her free time with his family and Brett doesn't like it. When Brett announces he wants a divorce, Layla is heartbroken - she isn't going to let Brett take away the only family she knows. So she sues him for custody of his family. Witty dialogue and fights ensue as the novel questions what and who make a family. (MY)

Forget About It (2007)

Jordan Landau has an uncaring mother, an evil half-sister, a cheating boyfriend and a boss who steals her ideas. When she sustains head injuries in a bike accident, it gives her the perfect opportunity to start over. Faking amnesia, she can stop being such a pushover and start living a truly memorable life - and be with a guy who really cares about her. With only one of her best friends - Todd, the boy she 'married' at age seven - in the know, Jordan weaves a web of deception as she takes revenge on those who have wronged her. But then karma hits Jordan and she has to start over for real.

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