Candles on the Sand - Katie Stephens (2011)

Anna has eight weeks before she is to marry Tim in what her mother has turned into the wedding of the century. While he is away on a business trip, Anna realises he has forgotten his wallet. Taking him the wallet, she discovers him on holiday with one of her girlfriends. Anna hurries home and packs her bags much to her mother's horror. When Anna realises that her mother expects her to go ahead with the marriage in order to maintain the family's reputation, she flees to Italy. Anna meets a wonderful woman on the plane who encourages her to get a bus and tour the Amalfi coast. Anna cannot imagine doing this on her own as she has always done what she was told to do by her mother and ex. She soon finds herself making major decisions that she never would have been able to do before. She finds herself in a small coastal town when she stumbles across a tragedy in progress. Anna takes control of the situation and soon finds herself a celebrity in this small town, making new friends. As Anna slowly rebuilds her life and gains her confidence, she finds herself falling for a man that she could never imagine herself with. This is a wonderful story about finding your true self no matter how much it may hurt. (AR)

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