Instigations - Kiki Archer (2012)

This is the sequel to But She Is My Student. Now in a committed relationship to her former student Freya, Kat feels she has it all now that her girlfriend has commenced her teacher training course. Sharing a flat with Kat's best friend and her partner is working well. All her old insecurities are starting to fade until one of Freya's fellow students comes along and tries to upset their relationship. At times this book is a little explicit but then settles down into a good read. (LM)

But She Is My Student - Kiki Archer (2012)

Kat Spicer is a new teacher at Coldfield Comprehensive. Teaching history to a range of students she becomes an immensely popular teacher with her students, the headmistress and most of the staff. Just one problem for Kat, the weekend before she started her new job she met a young woman at a gay bar in town and ended up kissing her. What a shock to find this young woman, Freya, is a pupil in her A-level history class. Not wanting to overstep her mark as a teacher, Kat does everything she can to keep all dealings professional but this is hard given how attracted to her she is. Add into the story two exuberant flatmates and their boyfriends who just want to see Kat happy and enjoying life and this becomes a book that is easy to believe and to read. (LM)

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