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Belle in the Big Apple (2008)

Belle Lee works on the family newspaper in Alabama but decides to try her luck in New York. On the recommendation of her media mogul grandfather, she scores an interview with a right-wing TV news network where she learns that the news must serve their political agenda and that real journalists should consider the Nielsen ratings before Pulitzer prizes. Soon anchorwoman Paige takes her under her wing and the Southern Belle lets her passion for good food set her dating agenda. Interspersed with recipes, this sounds like an interesting read - but after only a few chapters it enters the don't-care-about-the-story-or-the-character category. Then it took an even stupider turn with newcomer Belle set to make her on-air debut interviewing Jessica Clayton, the Democratic presidential candidate, the day before the election. As if? The author is a former Fox News Channel reporter who has become a food writer. With the book only about 225 pages long, perhaps this suggests that she also got fed up with the story.

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