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The Pretend Wife (2009)

Gwen Merchant is married to a respectable doctor and living the life she always thought she wanted. When an old college boyfriend, Elliot Hull, randomly enters her life, he issues her a proposition. He wants Gwen to pretend to be his wife for a long weekend so he can grant his dying mother her last wish of seeing him married. Gwen agrees to the proposition with her husband's support. As Gwen is pulled into Elliot's life, she begins to question if she is married to the wrong man. This is a beautifully written love story that quickly became one of my favourite books. (AO)

My Husband's Sweethearts (2008)

It has been six months since Lucy left her much older husband after he admitted that she was far from the only woman in his life. Then she gets the call to return to Archie's deathbed. With her hands on his little black book, she decides that all his other sweethearts should be here for the bad times too. And one by one, they show up for their final farewell. Some visitors stay longer, including Elspa, the former drug addict whose life he saved; and John, the son Artie always wanted. As time runs out, will Lucy be able to forgive him? Original premise with quirky characters.

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