Breathe, by Kate Bishop, is the story of a woman who falls hard in love and life as she stumbles toward self-discovery. The summary says: "Alex thought she had married the man of her dreams: successful, gorgeous, and delighted by her small-town charm. When he walks out six months later, proclaiming to have 'found himself' (with the help of a stunning yoga teacher), she 'finds herself' alone in an unfamiliar city, vengefully drinking through his prized wine collection, living on takeout, and refusing to answer the door. When this fails to cure her broken heart and bruised ego, she reluctantly allows her new friends to intervene. Slowly, Alex learns to define success her own terms; she discovers the secret to love in all its forms, and the perfect flying crow pose, one breath at a time." Kate Bishop is the penname of three American friends - Kristin Tone, Talie Kattwinkel and Bridget Evans.

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