Breaking Even - Kathleen Kole (2011)

Penelope Whittaker's a practical, do-things-by-the-book accountant. Penelope is engaged to Ben Miller, a kind, caring man who she has loved forever. While on a school run she carelessly locks her keys in her car, that's when the forces of nature take over - her rescuer is a gorgeous single dad. Penelope is drawn to this man in a way she shouldn't be, and she's torn between her structured, safe world and possibly destiny. She can't stop thinking about him and she knows this can cause nothing but trouble for her. Single dad and Penelope meet again through business and she doesn't know if it's fate or just a coincidence. Will Penelope chose life with dependable Ben or take a chance with the exciting single dad? Written with sharp and witty dialogue, this story shows that most couples can lose the spark that once existed but that doesn't mean it has to stay that way. I found myself laughing at comments made or situations because it was so relatable. I am looking forward to Kole's next novel due out this summer. (CF)

In author Kathleen Kole's debut novel, Breaking Even, Penelope must choose between a safe, well-thought-out future, and a path that is either a mere distraction or destiny. The summary says: "Meet Penelope Whittaker, a sensible, do-things-the-right-way, soon-to-be-married accountant. Penelope is engaged to the wonderful, kind and caring Ben Miller ... a man she has known forever. Enter Single Dad. While on a school run, Penelope accidentally locks her keys in her car. A seemingly boring event, until she is offered aid by a very handsome (hubba, hubba) and personable Single Dad. Shaken by the encounter, or, more to the point, shaken by her reaction to the encounter, Penelope tries to put it where it belongs: on a shelf marked "Chance Encounters". Just when Penelope thinks she has blown the whole encounter out of proportion, and made much out of nothing, she is thrown together by chance (or fate?) with Single Dad. Suddenly, he's a part of her life and, even though Penelope knows it can only cause trouble, she is helpless to stop it. Besides, she doesn't want to. At least, not until she finds out the unsettling truth about Single Dad. Penelope is confused. Her family, friends and, most importantly, her fiance, Ben, even more so. Will she be able to find her footing and go back to where she used to be, safe in her carefully structured world? Or, will she take the path of redefining herself, possibly leaving Ben behind?" Breaking Even can be found in ebook format through Smashwords, ReaderStore, Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle, iBookstore, and Diesel. (CF)

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