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Neurotically Yours (2012)

Smart, attractive and single, 37-year-old Dara Harrison was a relationship columnist for LA Entertains until she finds herself unexpectedly unemployed. Using the reputation she has built up through her writing, Dara launches her new business, a dating service called MateSearch. What sets it apart from all the other dating services available is its Rate a Mate Feature. But her business is under threat when a disgruntled customer takes legal action. Dara finds herself forced into joining the ranks of her lonely heart club clientele when she agrees to take the MateSearch Challenge herself during a promotional interview on a national talk show. She realises that to save her business she might have to face a few long-held fears with regards to her own love life. This is an entertaining read which made me laugh. (LM)

Wedlocked (2011)

Rebecca had always been drawn to following in her grandmother's footsteps as an actress. Unfortunately after years of trying and the failure of her romance with a Hollywood director, Rebecca returns home to Long Island with her tail between her legs. Rebecca's mother has also had a long-term dream. To see each of her daughters happily married to a nice Jewish boy. Suddenly Rebecca finds herself beginning to fulfil the dream when she marries Craig Jacobs who everyone thinks is Prince Charming. Once on her honeymoon though Rebecca discovers Craig is anything but. When he is arrested, Rebecca is left to find a way to get them both out of the situation they have become caught up in as well as herself out of the marriage. (LM)

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