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Big Sexy Love – Kirsty Greenwood (2017)


Olive has lived a rather sheltered life in Manchester but is about to be sent on a mission of a lifetime. Her best friend, Birdie, is dying and she wants Olive to personally deliver a letter to her former boyfriend, Chuck – in New York! But Olive has never been on a plane before – heck, she has never even been to London. Taking leave from her job on a fish market stall, Olive packs her pink bumbag (or fanny pack as the Yanks call it) and hops on a plane bound for the States. And from there, everything takes a crazy turn after she meets American TV writer Seth.
Kirsty Greenwood delivers again with this story of a girl willing to go to great lengths to fulfil her friend’s final wish. Olive is a true delight and every minor character adds to the zany journey. I loved the little snippets that top each chapter, especially Olive’s internet searches. This is totally the book you want to pick up when you want to wind down from a tough week - it’s romantic, it’s heartwarming and it’s a barrel (or fanny pack) of laughs!

Rating 9/10

Big Sexy Love, by Kirsty Greenwood, centres around a woman trying to fulfil her friend's last wish. The summary says: "Olive Brewster is a scaredy cat. She doesn't do new or risky. She's happy enough with her job at the local market, it's cool that she has no boyfriend to fret over, she even likes that she still lives in her childhood home. No drama, no fuss, no problems. Everything is fine. Super duper fine.
Except ... Olive's best friend in the world, Birdie, is dying. Birdie has one final wish. She wants to track down her first love, Chuck, and because she's stuck in the hospital she needs Olive's help to do it. But there's a teeny problem: Chuck is somewhere in New York and Olive has never even left her home town, let alone roamed the crazy streets of Manhattan.
As if the big city isn't scary enough, Olive has to contend with Seth, a cocky comedy TV writer who thinks she's a joke; Anders, a bored socialite who's taken a shine to her; and the fact that no matter how hard she tries to track down Chuck, he doesn't seem to want to be found.
Can Olive learn to overcome her fears, abandon her old safe routine and fulfil her best friend's last wish? It's going to take extra bravery, one badass attitude and a whole lot of big sexy love to make this happen ..." Big Sexy Love is out in June 2017.

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