Betrayal - Lucy-Anne Smith (2012)

Bethenny Dempsey can't wait to welcome her sister, Samantha, back from her year in America. She had no idea that Samantha would be bringing home Russell, her gorgeous Californian boyfriend that nobody knew about. Bethenny feels an immediate connection to Russell that she can't explain. Russell feels the connection too and they soon find that they cannot keep their feelings under control. Bethenny knows she could never hurt her baby sister so she goes on a Swiss ski vacation to get her feelings under control. While there she meets Jason, who seems the perfect way to keep her mind off Russell. But Russell's constant presence in her life makes it difficult for her to move on with Jason. Knowing they'll be caught if they don't stop, Bethenny makes a drastic decision that she hopes will end her feelings for Russell before she hurts Samantha. As Bethenny suffers in silence, she begins to piece together that she may not be the only one that has put Samantha and Russell's relationship at serious risk. This book has some twists that the reader may not see coming and it's a fast-paced, enjoyable read. (AR)

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