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How I Learned to Love the Walrus (2010)

You can take the girl out of Los Angeles but you can't take the Los Angeles out of the girl. Sydney Green, publicist to the movie stars and celebs of La-La Land, has just convinced her boss to send her on a month-long expedition in the Arctic to film a documentary on Saving the Walruses to improve the charitable appearance of her most prestigious client - and sometimes boy toy - hunky actor, Blake McKinley. She's also hoping the documentary will be just the thing to salvage her own career that has been teetering on the edge due to a few unfortunate incidents. So when her boss gives her project the go-ahead, Sydney doesn't bargain on everything falling apart once she arrives on location. First, group leader Jill and her crew left out a few minor details when informing Sydney about their work in Alaska; namely, that there is NO electricity on the island and therefore no satellite phone access, no charging her laptop, no blow drying her hair, no washing her laundry and no hot water. If adjusting to the archaic environment of the Arctic isn't bad enough, a jealous frenemy from high school is in the walrus volunteer group, the arrogant and pessimistic (and kind of cute) head scientist fights with Sydney at every opportunity, Jill's six-year old son keeps begging Sydney to entertain him and the writer of the documentary's script has just quit. Plus Blake's schedule just got moved up and he'll be arriving in Alaska any day now! Sydney is in for quite an adventure as she finds there's a whole lot more to her Alaskan expedition than just taking pictures of a few walruses. I wasn't sure how a chick lit story based in the Arctic would pan out but was happily reassured to find it to be more than enjoyable. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good romantic comedy. It had creative characters with memorable personalities and non-stop action. The end was a tad abrupt but still managed to wrap up any loose ends. I will definitely be looking to read more books by Orsoff. (CH)

Honeymoon For One (2010)

For bride-to-be Elizabeth Mancini, she is really looking forward to is her honeymoon - one that she had spent months planning meticulously for. But when her fiance Steven dumps her the day before the wedding, Elizabeth is left flabbergasted at his abrupt decision. Deciding not to let all her hard work go to waste, she makes plans to take the trip to Belize alone - until she meets anthropologist Michael Garcia, who subsequently offers to play her new "husband" for the couples-only vacation, with no strings attached. Just as things are spicing up between Elizabeth and the scuba diving instructor Jack Traynor, a body washes up on the beach and Elizabeth becomes the prime murder suspect. This is a great combination of crime and love, bundled up with lots of humour. (XT)

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