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Sleigh Belles (2013)

In this third book in the Sassy Belles series, Christmas is here and it's not the sleigh bells that you have to be excited about but the Sleigh Belles of Tuscaloosa. Vivi has just had a cute baby girl, Tallulah, to her longtime on-off lover and now husband Lewis - the announcer for the Crimson Tides football team. Blake, after witnessing her husband Henry cheat on her, thought she may never find love again. But it did in the form of her old high-school boyfriend now chief of police, Sonny. In this story, the focus is on a third Belle - Dallas Dubois - who will also discover the true meaning of love and family. Dallas has always been the type of girl who has had to look out for herself and she's been Blake's arch-enemy since they were youngsters. Indeed Dallas was the last straw that caused Blake to leave her husband. When Dallas learns that the "anchor chair" is opening up at her news station, she knows she is the perfect candidate. But what happens when it seems that the way to the promotion is through a series of charity and minor news stories. Will this task see Dallas turn a new leaf as she starts to actually enjoy herself and start to feel? Enter Cal - when they were in high school Dallas had a huge crush on him but he saw her as the 'Ice Queen'. Has Dallas changed or can Cal be the one to melt the ice around her heart and help her to move on from her past - the past that has been causing so much pain and agony? This is another wonderful instalment in the series with plenty of Southern charm. (PP)

Wedding Belles (2013)

I loved this book, the second in the Sassy Belles series. Vivi is finally getting married to her prince charming Lewis Heart and she and her best friend Blake O'Hara are fixin' for the wedding of the century! They've got amazing event planners to work with and family and friends helping them. All the characters were a hoot, even Dallas who could be annoying to some. There was so much support and family and in spite of everything going on, my heart was filled with joy and excitement. I was rooting for Vivi and Lewis from the get-go... It was filled with Southern charm and love. I can't wait to start reading Sleigh Belles... (KARM)

The Sassy Belles (2013)

If you are like me and one of your favourite TV shows currently is Hart of Dixie, then you will just love yourself some of Beth Albright's new Sassy Belles series. Set in the heart of the South, she has captured the heart and essence of what I could only imagine a Southerner belle to be like. Blake O'Hara Heart wonders how she is going to tell her husband, Henry, that a divorce is on the cards when a phone call interrupts her. It's Blake's best friend, Vivi, with the alarming news that her lover, Lewis, has died suddenly. Lewis also happens to be Blake's brother-in-law, so Blake and Henry travel down to the motel room but when they get there, there is no dead body. What has happened to Lewis - has someone moved the body or is he still alive? For Blake, this drama teaches her to reflect on her life as her ex-high school boyfriend, Sonny - now the town cop and newly divorced - arrives back on the scene. Will her heart lead her towards Sonny or will she continue in this hard time to stay faithful to her husband? It seems though that the town of Tuscaloosa has a whole lot of deep and dark secrets that this one case may bring to the surface. Are the characters of The Sassy Belles ready to come clean or will some of them do everything in their power to kept their secrets hidden? (PP)

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