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It Started at Sunset Cottage (2015)

According to the summary, It Started at Sunset Cottage tells the story of Kate, a writer whose husband passed away a few years ago. She has been coping with that tragedy in her own way, living a simple, quiet life surrounded by her best friend Sarah, Sarah's daughter Amy, and her late husband's brother Andy. However, when her book is optioned for a film, Kate is invited to work on the screenplay at a cottage where she meets the film's leading man, Tim, who draws Kate out of her comfort zone. I was surprised that Sarah played such a major role in this book, given that the summary focuses so much on Kate. Truth be told, I found Sarah was the more compelling character, and her story was more interesting what with her ex-husband causing so much drama. I also thought that the development of Tim and Kate's relationship was drawn out and I never truly got a sense of any chemistry between them. On the other hand, while Sarah and Andy's relationship was predictable, it was also a lot more believable and I had more interest in it. Nonetheless, I enjoyed It Started at Sunset Cottage, and I believe Bella Osborne should be proud of her debut. (LB)

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