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Bella Cigna - Wendi Dass (2020)


Sarah Flynn’s world is turned upside down when she finds out her husband has been cheating on her. Aided by her best friend Meredith, she escapes to Rome in Italy, to teach English at a girls' school - to try to recover from the shock and betrayal. There she meets the free-spirited Anna, another teaching colleague, who introduces her to the Roman nightlife.
Immersing herself in the artistic culture of Italy, Sarah begins to rebuild her shattered life. Through her work, she encounters Eduardo, a dashing Italian single father, and her interest is piqued. Yet, it is not all plain sailing for Sarah in her attempts to develop a new life and move on. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Rome, will Sarah be able to give love another chance? Or has the heartbreak of her past inflicted wounds too deep to prevent her?
This was a wonderfully descriptive book which takes the reader on a journey filled with romance and culture. The backdrop of the story gives it such depth and the writing is so evocative that you feel you are there with Sarah in Rome.
The characters in the tale are very well drawn and the narrative has plenty of twists and turns to engage the reader. Sarah is very empathetic as a character and you find yourself really rooting for her, as she attempts to overcome the betrayal she has endured. I think a lot of women will relate to her, in that Sarah has previously given her all to someone who coldly and cruelly deceives her by his duplicity, leaving her alone and her self confidence in tatters.
The writer also deals with the painful subjects of depression and infertility in her story, with sensitivity and candour. Sarah’s journey to re-discovery is inspiring but not without its challenges. Sarah is a courageous character and has a resilient spirit which gives the book a realistic edge.
It’s a wonderful book to escape into with delicious imagery - this is a story of being lost but finding yourself again. (LP) 8/10

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