Back to Basics - Erin McCarthy (2012)

Angel Weiss has a Grand Plan: happily ever after includes the wedding, the children and the big house. Plan A: Marry Brian Logan - except he ditches her at the altar. So she quickly comes up with Plan B: Look for Brian and drag him to their wedding - but a bear is literally in the way! She then figures how to overcome this minor obstacle: she runs away from the bear to the ranger for help. Days pass with no Brian and Plan C is easily conceived, especially since the ranger Rick is a hottie. While Plan C is right on course, plans go awry again when Brian shows up. Angel is about to learn that love and happy endings cannot be planned. The story is short and simple, with the events spanning several days. The humour in this novella allows the reader to overcome the improbable turn of events. (SARI)

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