Babe Walker is a fictional socialite created by brothers David and Tanner Cohen and friend Lara Schoenhals who made a name for herself on Twitter. @whitegrlproblem

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White Girl Problems (2012)

White Girl Problems may sound like it has a lot of promise but reader beware you're either going to love or hate the rich, overly obnoxious Babe Walker. The book starts out good, talking about Babe in rehab for going on a spending spree at Barney's. Then she begins to chronicle her life and all of her "problems". Everything from the time she lost her virginity (to her gay best friend) to the time she tried to get a job but got bored is told in a witty way. However, there are some parts that readers might find offensive. For example, Babe feels that her woman parts don't look right and she needs to get them fixed ASAP. In this section, she compares her odd-looking vagina to a child with Down Syndrome, which just didn't sit well with me, personally. Instead of being funny, it came of as offensive and stupid. Other than that, Babe is just ridiculous and pretentious, not offensive. So, if you don't mind a bit of dark humour, you'll probably enjoy this book, but if you're looking for a funny, light read you might want to give this one a pass. After all, there are enough of these real socialite types on TV to last a lifetime, who needs to read about one too? (AS)

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