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A Thousand Years - K.T. Dady (2020)


If you believe in destiny and in soulmates, this is a beautiful story for you. Meet Creator Exodus from Universe who is checking souls who are going on a mission. Souls are trained to be separated and when they are on Level Four, they are sent to Earth to find one another through a Thousand Years.
Kate writes romance novels. Her life is not so interesting, she is happy to be left alone with her books and her friends, but her books are sending strong messages of love. When She-Soul first speaks to her, Kate thinks she is possessed and visits her therapist Lucy.
Lucy connects voices with a very stressed time - in this case, the anniversary of her stillborn son Jon Jon. After a few attempts, Kate listens to her She-Soul who gives her the name Ivy. Ivy explains that usually humans cannot hear and talk to their soul but there is some glitch in the system so Kate can talk to hers.
Kate understand that Ivy will help her to find her other part and love. Ivy leads her through her memories from the past lives while she is dreaming, and showing her connections between her past lives and books she is writing now. When Kate's agent informs her that a film will be made of her book, she is so excited. She meets Matloch Miller, the famous actor who will play the main role, and she starts to reveal the mystery - that the soul is divided into two halves, they will find each other because it is destiny to do so!
There is not a part of my soul that was not touched by these characters and this story. I wish we all believe and I wish we all spread love. (MH)



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