Scotland by Starlight - Nancy Volkers (2011)

In this emotionally touching sequel to A Scottish Ferry Tale, Cassie is moving to Scotland to live with her much older boyfriend, Ralph McNair, who she fell for on her first visit to the country. She starts to cultivate a life with Ralph but can she let go of her independence and depend on him? I loved the story of Ralph and Cassie. The kind of love shared between them is a rare kind indeed. My only warning is beware of the Scottish language, which can be hard to understand. (JG)

A Scottish Ferry Tale (2009)

Cassie flies to Scotland to visit her boyfriend who is there on a study-abroad semester. But he dumps her. Not wanting to be around her ex, she picks a small town on the coast to visit for a few days until her flight home. On the ferry Cassie meets Ralph with whom she feels an instant spark. He recommends a place for her to stay and they go their separate ways. But Cassie soon runs into Ralph again and they realise they cannot stay away from each other. They're both at different stages in their lives - she's 22 and he's 40. Cassie has never believed in fairy tales but she is unable to deny that this may be love at first sight. She soon has to return to the States but finds she cannot forget Ralph. Each of them has to decide what they are willing to sacrifice in order to be together. The chemistry between Cassie and Ralph leaves you anxiously awaiting the sequel. (AR)

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