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Talk Show (2011)

The Joshua Green Show, a Jeremy Kyle-type of controversial talk show, is getting top ratings for television station RTV. Joshua portrays himself as a moral family man, and he and wife Soraya live in luxury with their two toddlers and Joshua's son, Lee. Kim Davenport is the show's producer, a ruthless businesswoman who will do anything to get the show to the top of the ratings. And Brooke Radcliffe is a lowly, underappreciated researcher, whose lack of self-esteem leads her to having an affair with the boss. Guy Burton is the new director of programs at RTV. A mysterious man who rarely reveals anything about himself, he becomes entangled in all their lives, becoming a friend to Joshua and Soraya, and showing a romantic interest in Brooke. But Kim isn't convinced he is genuine. When rumours emerge of poor treatment of guests on the show, a hate campaign begins that threatens all of their careers and personal lives. But who is behind the campaign, and can it be stopped before Joshua's career and life with Soraya is torn apart? This was a riveting read that really gave an insight into the cut-throat world of television. With twists and turns throughout, this terrific page-turner was difficult to put down as I never knew what to expect next. The relationships between the characters were very well thought out and portrayed excellently. (LO)

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